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Embracing Experience: How to Avoid Ageism in an Executive Resume

Executives may encounter ageism or fear ageism in the job market, especially when crafting a resume. However, it's ...
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A Successful Executive Resume Demonstrates Clear Value

My executive clients often ask me to detail the most important requirements of a modern resume. What tops ...
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Executive Resume Trends 2023

Executive Resume Trends for 2023

In 2022, I reached out on LinkedIn in search of expertise and the latest resume trends from leading ...
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Should I use a template for my resume? Do resume templates work?

As an executive resume writer, savvy professionals hire me to help them with their resumes for various reasons. ...
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Executive Resume Writing Trends for 2022

As 2022 approaches and as business leaders decide to seek new executive posts, they should focus on crafting ...
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Storytelling in executive resumes

Storytelling in Executive Resumes: How to Stand Out and Capture Attention

Your resume should tell a compelling story – one that positions you as the perfect fit for a ...
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How Long Should My Executive Resume Be?

As a professional resume writer, one of the questions clients ask me most often is, "How long should ...
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Write Your Own Resume the Right Way: DIY Resume Writing Workbooks

Both content and format matter a lot in resume writing. Resumes have evolved over recent years from basic ...
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Ask Adrienne: What is an Average Resume Length?

Yes, resume length is often hotly debated, and there are lots of best practices shared around keeping resume ...
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Executive Resume Trends for 2021

What will executive resumes look like in 2021, and what executive resume trends will continue or commence in ...
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Complement Your Resume with Your LinkedIn Profile, Don’t Repeat It

Job seekers often ask me why they need both a resume AND a LinkedIn profile...don’t they tell the ...
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Resume Testimonials

How to Add Testimonials To Your Resume

In a post about resume trends, I mentioned the rising popularity, and potential benefit, of adding testimonials into ...
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