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A Successful Executive Resume Demonstrates Clear Value

My executive clients often ask me to detail the most important requirements of a modern resume. What tops ...
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Is Your Executive Resume Suffocating Your Chances?

It happens frequently – an executive asks me to review their resume and offer quick input and insights. ...
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Your Resume Isn’t Meant for YOU

 Yes, your resume tells your career story. It documents your unique career history, achievements, and strengths. However, your ...
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A Text-Heavy Resume Can Sink Your Job Search

  If you are using a text-heavy resume and not getting called for interviews, the reason could be ...
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Executive resume strategy

Executive Resume Strategy: Employ a Business Mindset

An executive (let's call him Martin) approached me, looking to step up to a vice president of operations ...
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resume customization

Ask Adrienne: How Do I Customize My Executive Resume?

Once you have a defined job target in mind, you need a narrowed and focused resume to support ...
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Executive Resume Headline

Executive Resume Headline Examples

The executive resume headline appears at the very top of the resume, just after the name and contact ...
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23 resume tips for 2023

23 Resume Tips for 2023

Hiring and employment remain somewhat unpredictable. Recent job reports share that new job creation has slowed. There have ...
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One page resume

Should My Resume Be One Page Long?

I'm often asked what the perfect resume length is.  Like everything resume-related, the answer 'depends' on many factors.  ...
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Executive Resume Checklist

Most executives are strategic, sharp, and savvy top professionals. Many will approach a job search with precision and ...
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executive resume action words

Ask Adrienne: What are some strong executive resume action words?

Some executive job seekers want to know two things about resume words: "Why does my executive resume need ...
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Revitalize Your Executive Resume

If there is one thing I’ve learned over the past decade writing resumes for top executives is that ...
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