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Executive Resume Trends for 2024

Executive Resume Trends for 2024

Executive resumes continue to evolve to meet the changing dynamics of the employment market. To stay ahead of ...
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Executive Resume Trends 2023

Executive Resume Trends for 2023

In 2022, I reached out on LinkedIn in search of expertise and the latest resume trends from leading ...
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CFO Resume. Executive holding a chart graph

CFO Resume: Make a High-Value Impact

You’re a top producer –  which means you need a resume that produces results too. If you are ...
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CEO Resume Strategy. Executive in Suit

CEO Resume Strategy: 4 Important Tips

A CEO career is guaranteed to be rich in detail. However, a common mistake I see CEOs make ...
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7 Secrets of an Executive Resume That Gets Noticed

  You often only have a short amount of time to gain a resume reader’s attention and generate ...
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3 Ways to Write Your Executive LinkedIn Headline

A LinkedIn profile is a personal marketing tool that enables you to share your career story and be ...
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Q&A: Why was the job reposted?

Have you ever applied for a job, finished an interview, and then found the job reposted (before you ...
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When is a Good Time to Hire a Resume Writer?

  Let me start by saying this: I recognize there are a lot of people currently job seeking ...
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Laid Off? Strategies to Help You Locate a New Job

Over the years I've engaged with people of multiple professions facing unplanned work releases due to the economy, ...
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Resume Testimonials

How to Add Testimonials To Your Resume

In a post about resume trends, I mentioned the rising popularity, and potential benefit, of adding testimonials into ...
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Does Your Executive Resume Have a Red Flag?

People often ask me to review their resumes and note any potential red flags that they should address. ...
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Close the job interview

How to Confidently Close an Interview

Let's say you’re at the close of a job interview. The interviewer asks if you have any questions. ...
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