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Build a Connection with Your LinkedIn About Section

I don’t know about you, but I prefer to feel like a person is speaking to me when I read ...
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8 Resume Success Factors to Get Noticed!

I get asked every day about resume best practices and resume success factors. People want to know where to start, ...
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CFO Resume. Executive holding a chart graph

CFO Resume: Make a High-Value Impact

You’re a top producer –  which means you need a resume that produces results too. If you are sending out ...
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8 Executive Resume Red Flags

People often ask me to review their resumes and note any potential red flags they should address. Although I’m not ...
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CEO Resume Strategy. Executive in Suit

CEO Resume Strategy: 4 Important Tips

A CEO career is guaranteed to be rich in detail. However, a common mistake I see CEOs make in their ...
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3 quick ways to update your executive resume

3 Quick Ways to Update Your Executive Resume

Your dream job jumped out of nowhere, and you need an updated executive resume in a pinch? If it’s been ...
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7 Must-Haves for an Impactful Executive Resume

As an executive looking for your next leadership challenge, you need your executive resume to make an impact and stand ...
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Boost Confidence During Executive Job Search – 10 Tips to Lift Spirits

  An executive job search can be draining mentally and physically, and if it extends more than a few months, ...
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Executive Resume Phrases to Avoid – Say THIS, not THAT

As an executive, I’m sure you’ve had a resume or two come across your desk filled with cliches and overused ...
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How to Use Social Media in an Executive Job Search

Social media is an incredible tool in executive job search to help get you in front of recruiters and potential ...
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How to Stand Out in an Interview & Rise Above the Competition

You know you’re a great candidate for the role, but how will you rise above the rest and leave an ...
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How to Start Strong & Capture Attention Early in an Executive Resume

The start of an executive resume (top 1/3) is prime real estate. Gone are the days when you opened with ...
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