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8 Executive Resume Red Flags

People often ask me to review their resumes and note any potential red flags they should address. Although ...
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CEO Resume Strategy. Executive in Suit

CEO Resume Strategy: 4 Important Tips

A CEO career is guaranteed to be rich in detail. However, a common mistake I see CEOs make ...
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3 quick ways to update your executive resume

3 Quick Ways to Update Your Executive Resume

Your dream job jumped out of nowhere, and you need an updated executive resume in a pinch? If ...
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7 Must-Haves for an Impactful Executive Resume

As an executive looking for your next leadership challenge, you need your executive resume to make an impact ...
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Executive Resume Phrases to Avoid – Say THIS, not THAT

As an executive, I’m sure you’ve had a resume or two come across your desk filled with cliches ...
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How to Start Strong & Capture Attention Early in an Executive Resume

The start of an executive resume (top 1/3) is prime real estate. Gone are the days when you ...
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22 Resume Tips for 2022

Hiring really picked up near the end of 2021 and it looks to remain strong for the start ...
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Should I use a template for my resume? Do resume templates work?

As an executive resume writer, savvy professionals hire me to help them with their resumes for various reasons. ...
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Executive Resume Writing Trends for 2022

As 2022 approaches and as business leaders decide to seek new executive posts, they should focus on crafting ...
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Personal Brand in an Executive Resume – The Best Way to Rise Above the Rest

Creating a personal brand in an executive resume helps potential employers better understand your unique offering and the ...
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Storytelling in Executive Resumes: How to Stand Out and Capture Attention

Your resume should tell a compelling story – one that positions you as the perfect fit for a ...
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How to Write a Cover Letter for an Executive Role

Wondering whether you should write an executive cover letter when applying for your next leadership position? You may ...
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