Frequently Asked Questions

Your resume acts as your representative to potential employers. It should be distinct, influential, and skillfully styled to provide a memorable first impression. Today's career documents need to be keyword and content rich to make it through both electronic and personal scanning methods. To ensure you are selected for an interview you want to make an instant and lasting impression with a strong career document package that effectively showcases your strengths and value.

Partner with Adrienne Tom, Chief Resume Strategist, for a personalized career document solution:

The focus of my work, and my passion, revolves around the creation of various career documents for senior-level professionals (established or emerging executives, experienced managers and directors, and rising leaders). All packages include a customized resume and cover letter, some packages include LinkedIn profile development, and you can also work with me on interview or job search coaching. In addition, I provide resources and guides so you can learn current job search strategies to increase the success of your new career documents.

Service Selection and Booking: To start, select a presentation package and inquire about my strategy session availabilities, which are 60 minutes in length. Once you have selected an appointment time that works best for you, I will hold the appointment space for you (for up to 24 hours) and provide you with an electronic invoice. 50% deposit is required to secure services.

Worksheet Exploration: Once deposit is finalized you will receive and complete a Career and Branding Exploration Worksheet. The worksheet is a requirement for service and it must be returned at least 7 days prior to your strategy session time. Although detailed, this worksheet will ensure you capture all basic career details and it will give you an opportunity to brainstorm relevant results and achievements. It is a good idea to schedule several hours to address the worksheet. Late worksheets may delay services for several weeks.

Strategy Session and Strategy Development: The strategy session is designed to further expand upon the information in your worksheet, gather additional content, and zero in on your unique offerings. Each session lasts up to 60 minutes. Any remaining fees must be finalized before the strategy session commences.

Resume Preparation: After the consultation, I will design your customized career documents and provide them via email for review within seven business days. You are allowed two (2) sets of revisions within 14 days of service commencement (time of consult). All final copies are supplied after 14 days of service commencement, via email, in Word, PDF, and ATS-friendly versions. Additional modifications or consultations will incur extra costs.

An Award of Excellence is a distinctly Canadian award that recognizes Canadian resume writers and career professionals for outstanding work in the industry. Only 10 to 12 awards are presented by Career Professionals of Canada each year. I am honoured to have received over 20 Awards of Excellence.

This comprehensive worksheet will require you to capture your relevant career history, skill sets, education, and volunteer work - with heavy focus on notable achievements. Although great detail is not required, do your very best to address every question. Capturing the basics up front will save time during the strategy session to really focus on your value. If you are struggling to answer any questions please contact me for guidance well in advance of the deadline.

In North America a resume is a succinct and targeted marketing tool used to secure industry employment. A CV (curriculum vitae) is a more comprehensive document primarily used to apply for academic, education, research, or scientific roles.

No reputable resume writing or interview service can guarantee that you will secure a job offer - there are simply too many variables in a job application process. What I can guarantee is my personal investment, commitment to the outlined processes, and your satisfaction. For more details on guarantees within the industry, I recommend my blog post here.

I work hard to stay on top of current resume and job search trends as a Canadian resume writer and US resume writer. As a testament to my commitment, I have been awarded several resume writing recognitions both nationally and internationally. Leveraging over 15 years in the career services industry, a Bachelor of Arts degree in English, multiple certifications, recent national publications, and my contract work with LinkedIn - I stand apart as one of a select few in Canada with this level of expertise.

Many resume writers provide career documents and leave you trying to figure out the rest. Yet resumes and cover letters need to be used in combination with effective job search strategies to increase success. I provide access to comprehensive job search resources as an employment strategist and coach to help you conduct a modern-day job search in less time and with less stress.

A customized electronic invoice will be supplied with a link to finalize payment online. All major credit cards are accepted. A PayPal account is not required. Alternatively, you can complete payment via transfer.  

50% deposit is required to hold your appointment and secure services. All remaining fees must be paid in full prior to the strategy session.

The Toast of the Resume Industry (TORI) Award is one of the industry’s top honours for resume writers. An international award from Career Directors International, it recognizes elite resume writers for excellence in resume writing. The TORI award standards are rigorous and highly competitive. It is with great pleasure that I have secured 6 TORI Awards to date for my exceptional professional and executive resume writing.

Yes! Often job seekers underestimate the value of a carefully branded cover letter that compliments and supports the resume. If you do not submit a cover letter and a recruiter or employer was expecting one, you could find yourself at a serious disadvantage.

The value of a well-written resume and cover letter can be priceless. Did you know that the average job search lasts 5+ months? Yes. Imagine the loss of income and resources during this lengthy search, which can be greatly reduced with a properly formatted and high-impact career application package. The value of investing in professional resume writing assistance could drastically reduce lost income and time. Employers are also overwhelmed with job applications; you need to make yours stand out.

Focused on quality instead of quantity, I carry a limited client load, devoting time and attention to a select group of clients at any given time. There are many other 'shops' that can produce generic and fast resumes; I do not. My unique offerings and select level of service means there is sometimes a wait for assistance of several weeks. I work best with proactive and forward-thinking professionals who are planning for their next big move *before* they need it. If your needs are urgent certainly let me know; accelerated service is available at an additional cost - subject to availability.

Trained to write eye-catching and interview-winning resumes for all occupations, industries, and career levels (except the legal industry), I assist established and emerging executives, experienced managers and directors, and rising leaders land jobs faster. I partner best with top professionals who have clearly defined job goals and role targets.

If you are not a senior-level professional and you think the services at Career Impressions are still a good fit for you - please contact me to discuss.

Created in collaboration with Job Search Secret Weapon, this comprehensive resource kit includes a wealth of scripts, worksheets, videos, and articles to help you with various stages of your search.

Learn to how:

  • Build a target company list
  • Explore the hidden job market
  • Conduct informational interviews
  • Network with select scripts
  • Prepare for an interview
  • Get engaged on LinkedIn
  • Negotiate your salary
  • Ask for a raise, when the time is right
  • Prepare your exit statement
And more! 34 resources in total. All downloadable and easy to read, apply, and use in the comfort of your home.

If you order a package through Career Impressions that includes this pack you will be granted access upon document completion.

Job search made easier.

Appointments can be rescheduled up to 24 hours in advance and subject to availability. If you choose to reschedule your appointment with less than 24 hours’ notice a surcharge will apply. All services are non-refundable.

LinkedIn is the top social networking website for job seekers. With 500 million registered users, LinkedIn allows you to leverage the power of your network - the people you know, and the people those people know - to help you connect to the person (or people) who are in a position to offer you a job. You need a solid LinkedIn branding page because employers and recruiters regularly engage with LinkedIn to vet job candidates or evaluate a job seeker's value. You want to ensure your profile is fully complete and on-brand.

I offer customized LinkedIn profile writing, along with user tips on how to proceed with leveraging the site during your job search. Clients must set-up, populate, and manage their own online account.

Hired by LinkedIn in the past to author ongoing articles on job search topics, I have also been named one of the Top 15 Job Search Experts to follow on LinkedIn two years in a row. I share meaningful insights to help you effectively navigate the site and increase visibility!

ATS stands for Automated Tracking System or Applicant Tracking System, which is an electronic application system that most major employers use to accept, store, and search job applications. If you apply for a job online there is a good chance that your resume will be going through ATS. Resumes submitted through automated tracking systems may be scanned for keywords that match available job openings. I recommend researching the way ATS works and ensuring you use the right resume, with targeted content, to apply for online postings.

Resume distribution works for all types and levels of job seekers. My resume distribution service will help put you in contact with recruiters based on location, salary requirements, industry, and position. Most recruiters work nationally and may have well-aligned opportunities in other parts of the US or Canada you can consider, or you can narrow contact to those who work in your industry or specialties of interest. The amount of recruiters reached for each distribution will vary based on your unique job search criteria, averaging 200-2000 contacts from a database with over 37,000 contacts. All contact is made using your personal email address. This is a highly customized process. When distribution is finalized you will receive a spreadsheet with the names, addresses, and contact information for reach recipient so you can follow up or track activities - this in and of itself is worth the investment!