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Executive Resume Trends for 2019…and Beyond!

In recent years we have seen a rise in the benefits of social networking and referrals within the job ...
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Simple Steps to Help Customize Your Executive Resume

Once you have a defined job target in mind, you can write a narrowed and focused resume to ...
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Outdated Resume Tactics

Job seekers – 1990 called and wants it's resume back! If you include any of the following items ...
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Dispelling Resume Length Rumors

There is no “rule” that a resume should be a specific page length. Length alone does not determine ...
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Add specifics and achievements to your resume

How to Add Specifics & Achievements to Your Executive Resume

If I had a dollar for every job seeker who has told me, “I don’t have anything special ...
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Should You Put Your Photo on Your Resume?

One of my executive resume clients asked me to include their photo on their resume. My initial reaction? ...
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100 Top Resume Tips (Free Resource Guide)

Career Impressions recently concluded 100 Days of Resume Tips across social media, with the hashtag #100ResumeTips.   The ...
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Different Application Avenues = Different Resumes

Getting your resume reviewed and approved by both a person and a resume screening system (ATS) requires unique ...
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Apply Resume Fundamentals, Not “Rules”

Frustrated by all of the 'resume rules' out there? Are you being told: ‘you have to’, ‘you must’, ...
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Simple Do’s and Don’ts of Applying To Jobs Online

 Applying to jobs online likely involves going through an ATS (applicant tracking system).  To increase your success with ...
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Misleading Executive Resume “Rules”

Searching for resume advice online can result in a minefield of confusing facts. Qualify advice by ensuring it comes ...
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Managing a Resume Employment Gap

experiences Many job seekers find themselves grappling with the best way to address an employment gap in their ...
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