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Complement Your Resume with Your LinkedIn Profile, Don’t Repeat It

Job seekers often ask me why they need both a resume AND a LinkedIn profile...don’t they tell the ...
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3 Ways to Write Your Executive LinkedIn Headline

Earlier this year, LinkedIn rolled out a small change to personal profiles that seemingly went unnoticed: they increased ...
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Q&A: I Want to Get More Active on LinkedIn? How Do I Start?

Question: For job seekers looking to get active on LinkedIn, what do you recommend as beginner steps to ...
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Techniques to Boost Your Brand On LinkedIn in 2020 

LinkedIn is an effective platform for executives to build up their personal brand for both their daily career management ...
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5 LinkedIn Strategies to Get Executives Noticed

When an executive role needs filling, what is the typical process? Do organizations go to job boards to ...
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Introducing Your Job Search Secret Weapon

Are you searching for answers to why your resume isn't working? Wondering why your job search has stalled? ...
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LinkedIn Profile Keywords

Wondering how to get more people to locate and view your LinkedIn profile? The secret to increasing traffic ...
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How to Write a LinkedIn Profile that Gets You Found

Are you writing your LinkedIn profile as a summary, looking back?  Or are you writing your profile with ...
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New LinkedIn Features to Support Executive Career or Job Search

Once you’ve built a strong LinkedIn profile, you can start actively using the site to support your career ...
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Write a LinkedIn Recommendation that Resonates

Writing strong LinkedIn recommendations for others can help boost their personal image and support their job search. In ...
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LinkedIn Benefits for Executive Job Seekers   LinkedIn carries a lot of weight and packs a big punch (of benefits) for executives looking ...
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What Does Your LinkedIn Headline Say About You?

How much time did you spend creating your Linkedin headline and what does it say about you? Did ...
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