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Are You Looking To Advance Your Career?

Level up -- Land Faster -- Increase Your Earning Power

with a professionally written executive resume.

Are you confident that you can outshine your toughest job competitors?

Compelling resumes and LinkedIn profiles play a critical role in executive job search success.

Perhaps it has been many years since you updated your resume or engaged in a job search and you don't know where to start. Maybe you are unaware about the value of a strong online presence or the importance of a powerful personal brand.

Many of my clients are trailblazers in their industry but unsure how to create a resume that will get them noticed by hiring authorities. I can help.

Are you confident that you can outshine your toughest job competitors?
  • 27X Award Winner

  • Published in 4 Books

  • 9X Certified Career Professional

  • Certified Executive Resume Master

Adrienne Tom
Adrienne Tom, Certified Executive Resume Master

Are you a prominent business leader: CEO, CFO, COO, CIO, CTO, President, Vice President, Director, Manager, or rising professional with clear career goals, a defined job search target, and a desire to move forward in your career?

You've come to the right place.

As a 9X certified career professional and 2X master-level certified executive resume writer, I created this boutique firm to connect leading professionals from across North America with value-driven job search tools, opening doors to top jobs.

Working with you personally, I will craft your career story to attract the attention you deserve, differentiating you from the competition to secure greater recognition and higher compensation.

Why invest in a professionally written resume?

Your executive resume acts as your introduction. It must create a positive, high-impact impression! Investing in a professionally developed executive resume is an investment in your career.

A powerful, professionally written executive resume can:

Differentiate you from competitors and capture the eye of hiring authorities to win interviews.

Open doors to prestigious jobs at leading organizations around the world.

Position you strongly ‘on paper’ so you can navigate a job search with confidence.

Generate faster career transition, increased compensation, and enhanced employability.

To let you know, the work you did is bringing results: I got interviews with AWS, Google, and one other big networking company, all for roles I was aiming for, with the resume you wrote. Thank you.

Jasenko, CTO

If you are a trailblazer in your industry with a desire to be noticed by hiring authorities - and ready to take your career to the next level - we should talk. Visit my Services page to learn more about my executive resume writing, LinkedIn creation, and job search solutions.

Past clients have included Canadian, US, and international business professionals and executives in CEO, COO, CIO, CFO, CTO, SVP, VP, Director, and Manager positions across all industries. Canadian resume writing and US resume writing is my speciality.

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