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21 Resume Tips for 2021

Let's face it, 2020 was hard. If you are heading into 2021 looking for work, or simply wanting ...
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What Resume Length is Best?

There is likely no topic more heavily debated about resumes than length. Should a resume be a certain ...
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Executive Resume Trends for 2021

What will executive resumes look like in 2021, and what executive resume trends will continue or commence in ...
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How to Handle Unrelated Roles on Your Executive Resume

Gone are the days where we find an employer and stay there for life. Executive roles are no ...
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Resume Horror Stories: 5 Ways to Scare Off Executive Recruiters 

  Are you worried that your resume could scare off executive recruiters? In the spirit of Halloween, I ...
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Q&A: Can My Resume Be TOO Good?

Recent resume question: "Hi Adrienne, I saw your recent post about resumes, and I'm wondering if you think ...
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Make Your Executive Resume Stand Out with Strategic Flair

While some executive resumes are a work of art, the truth is that many are overwhelmingly similar to ...
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4 Common Resume Writing Challenges and Solutions!

Raise your hand if you find writing your resume tough. 🙋 You are not alone. Many job seekers, ...
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Add Pandemic Career Wins to Your Executive Resume

Executives, have you thought about what career wins you can add to your executive resume due to the ...
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Your Resume Is All About You…Or Is It?

Your resume tells your career story. It documents your career history, achievements, and strengths. However, your resume is not ...
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Your Resume is Not the Key To Opening Doors

Someone recently told me that a good resume is the key to opening doors during a job search. ...
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Why Your Resume is Even More Essential Right Now

It has been asked and argued over recent years if resumes are still needed in the job search ...
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