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Executive Resume Trends for 2020 – Part 2

In Part 1 of executive resume trends for 2020, I detailed the importance of crafting a leadership story, ...
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Stop Trying to Produce Your Executive Resume Under Pressure

It has taken you years to reach your current level of success. I am sure that you will ...
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Introducing Your Job Search Secret Weapon

Are you searching for answers to why your resume isn't working? Wondering why your job search has stalled? ...
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In Your Executive Resume, Share Value Fast!

I’ll admit – I’m impatient by nature. When I have an idea, a desire, or a big goal, ...
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Bias to Professionally Written Resumes: Is This a Real Thing?

I had an interesting conversation with friends about resumes this past month. One person said a hiring manager ...
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Spark Joy in Your Resume Reader

If your resume is starting to get looooong and cluttered it might be time to "KonMari" it. You ...
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Published Executive Resumes! Award-Winning Resume Samples.

Look for my resumes in the latest edition of Resumes for Dummies! I am honoured to have several ...
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60 Action Words for Your Executive Resume

Resumes need a wide variety of action words to help energize content and inspire the reader Imagine reading ...
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Does Your Executive Resume Have a Red Flag?

People often ask me to review their resume and note any potential red flags that they should address. ...
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Your Executive Resume is No Place for the Kitchen Sink

I still speak to professionals  and executives who want a resume that includes “the kitchen sink” – or ...
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Tips for Locating Decision-Makers’ Names

Are you looking to get your resume directly into the hands of a decision-maker or address your application ...
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In Your Resume Don’t Be Vague – Be Specific

You’ve got so much more to offer employers than tasks, duties, and responsibilities. So why is your resume ...
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