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3 Ways to Write Your Executive LinkedIn Headline

A LinkedIn profile is a personal marketing tool, enabling you to share your career story and be future-focused strategically. Your executive LinkedIn headline is the teaser that captures attention and entices readers to scroll down. The LinkedIn headline is also used by recruiters and hiring managers to search for well-suited candidates.

If you aren’t maximizing the available characters of a headline to their fullest, it’s definitely time to revisit and rewrite your headline.

First, determine WHO you are writing your headline for: employers, clients, or your network. Next, consider how this audience would search for people like you on LinkedIn. What words or titles would they search for? Add these details to your headline. 


Write Your Executive LinkedIn Headline For Your Intended Target Audience 


Employer Focused

If you are preparing for your next step up the ladder, writing your executive LinkedIn headline to meet the needs of target employers means that you consider what THEY want in an executive leader. Review job postings that align with the type of jobs you seek to identify coveted skills, strengths, and experiences.

Many executive-level positions never hit the job boards. Therefore, it is essential to research the organizations you are targeting. Talk to people who work at companies of interest and gather as much information as possible to help focus your marketing efforts. (Tip: this helps write your executive resume as well.) 

Details to consider adding in your executive LinkedIn headline: position, unique value, accomplishment points, industry, geographic location, company type, keywords, and any metrics (over time).



Chief Operating Officer (COO): International Operations | $1B+ P&L |  60% Company Growth in 10 Years.
Built and led scalable & sustainable organizational-wide processes for rapidly expanding energy company {206 characters}


Client Focused

LinkedIn can be an excellent resource to tap into new client markets. If your intent in using LinkedIn is to source new clients and customers, write your executive LinkedIn headline for THEM. 

Think about what a potential client would want to know about you to a) connect with you and b) have a conversation with you.  

Details to potentially include in your client-focused LinkedIn headline: industry, organization or consultant focus, position title, key accomplishments, how you help your clients, geography, related keywords, years in the field/industry.



Executive Healthcare Consultant: I improve health system performance with technologies & healthcare innovations. Deep expertise in global healthcare operations, cultural dynamics, & multimillion-dollar projects {210 characters}


Network Focused

If you are using your LinkedIn solely to network and build your personal brand, your headline should target your ‘ideal’ network. This includes the people in your industry and people connected to your industry. 

Consider other leaders and people on a similar leadership path, and determine what they need to know about you. Your headline should quickly tell them the value that they will receive by connecting with and following you. 

Details you may want to include in your networking headline: a personal achievement, industry focus, awards and recognition, your mission or philosophy, related keywords.



Executive Leader: (CRO/CFO): Global Operations • Startup & Established Organizations • Multinational Teams • Public, Private & Non-Profit Sectors • Sustained Annual Revenue Growth of 20%+ {187 characters}


Understanding who you are writing your executive LinkedIn headline means connecting your experiences and values to the audience’s needs. 

It can be argued that a strong executive LinkedIn headline can work for all 3 of these focuses – which is true. Yet, the better you know your goal and audience, the stronger the content will be.

An effective executive LinkedIn headline helps the right people find you. It also immediately demonstrates how YOU are the solution THEY need.


Adrienne Tom

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