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False Guarantees

  Job seekers beware! If you are seeking professional resume writing assistance, do not be fooled by the ...
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The Proof is in the Results

You are applying for a new role and the job description says you require the following abilities: “leadership, ...
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How Much Career History Typically Goes on a Resume?

Job seekers with detailed career histories are often unsure how to best approach a lengthy career in a  resume. The ...
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Resume Value

Take a moment and ask yourself if your resume contains the dreaded and dreary words ‘responsible for’. You ...
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Resume Pet Peeves

Writing resumes for a living has given me plenty of opportunity to review career documents that range from engaging to appalling.  Although ...
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What is a Certified Professional Resume Writer, and Why Hire One?

   Very often I get a funny look after I share what I do for a living. “You ...
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You Have a Great Resume….Now What?

So you got yourself a great resume which has been carefully crafted to sell your related skill sets ...
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Does Your Resume Tell, or SELL?

Ok job seekers; here it is…the biggest resume blunder you can make: simply telling employers about you and ...
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Resume Success Series – Part 2

Jobseekers, the following errors are guaranteed to get your resume noticed - for all the wrong reasons: 1. ...
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Is Your Resume Ready?

Over the past several years many people have experienced company layoffs, cutbacks or uncertain futures. Rather suddenly jobseekers ...
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Spur Your Resume into Action!

Your resume should create a compelling argument for what sets you apart as a potential candidate for any ...
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Resumes – According to the Hire Authorities

Recruiters spend a lot of time looking through resumes, but time is precious so sifting through piles of ...
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