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Master Certified Resume Strategist | Certified Employment Strategist >> Calgary’s Top Resume Writer

Wonderful news this month! I am thrilled to have conquered two esteemed industry credentials; the Certified Employment Strategist ...
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Network Your Way to a New Job

The people you know are one of your best sources for locating new employment. Numerous studies suggest that ...
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Canadian Career Pros To Follow on Twitter

There is a wealth of information being shared every single second on Twitter - a highly popular social ...
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Make It Happen!

These days job seekers are commonly encouraged to approach their job search like an entrepreneur; to think of ...
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Why “Buzzwords” are Necessary in a Job Search

Every year articles circulate on the topic of ‘the year’s most overused buzzwords’, cautioning us on the most ...
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Job Search Strategies for 2015 – Increase Your Job Search Success

Conducting a job search in 2015 will be a lot different than it was just a few short ...
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Salary Negotiations for Job Seekers

Money is usually the most sensitive issue in the hiring process. Discussing compensation often causes anxiety for both ...
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Brand Yourself to Stand Out During a Job Search

                Do You Want to Stand Out? To succeed in today’s ...
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Keep Your Employment References Up-To-Date

A successful job search involves investment in multiple steps and tools.  Often job seekers focus on just one ...
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The Benefits of a Summer Job Search

Many job seekers have the misconception that searching for a job in the summer months is a waste ...
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Fall Job Search: Fresh Start or Frantic Fail?

With the turning of the leaves many organizations lumber out of a summer lull to kick off a ...
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Re-Enter The Workforce with Confidence

There are many reasons people take time away from the workforce: to start a family, travel, pursue further ...
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