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Storytelling in Executive Resumes: How to Stand Out and Capture Attention

Your resume should tell a compelling story – one that positions you as the perfect fit for a ...
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How to Write a Cover Letter for an Executive Role

Wondering whether you should write an executive cover letter when applying for your next leadership position? You may ...
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How to Customize Your Resume for Non-Profit Leadership

Are you thinking of leaping from the corporate world to non-profit leadership? With a few tweaks, you can ...
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Overanalyzing Your Executive Resume

If you are editing, rewriting, and obsessing over every detail in your executive resume, you may be overanalyzing ...
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How Long Should My Executive Resume Be?

As a professional resume writer, one of the questions clients ask me most often is, "How long should ...
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6 Executive Resume Myths Busted!

    Today, I’m busting some of the top executive resume myths. There is an incredible amount of ...
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How to Write a Successful Board Resume

When crafting a board resume, aim to position yourself as an industry expert and a collaborative leader. Joining ...
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7 Secrets of an Executive Resume That Gets Noticed

  You often only have a short amount of time to gain a resume reader’s attention and generate ...
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Write Your Own Resume the Right Way: DIY Resume Writing Workbooks

Both content and format matter a lot in resume writing. Resumes have evolved over recent years from basic ...
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Know This Before Writing Your Executive Resume

Before moving forward with resume creation, I ask every one of my executive clients the same question: “What ...
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Resume Space-Saving Tips

Who can relate? You are writing your resume and trying to get it to a set page length, ...
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Lead with Relevant Results in Your Executive Resume

  Think about the last time you were completely enraptured by a story. What was it about the ...
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