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Why Your Resume is Even More Essential Right Now

It has been asked and argued over recent years if resumes are still needed in the job search process due ...
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How to Create a Resume for Career Change

Have you been thinking about a career change but aren't sure how to make it happen? A career change resume ...
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When is a Good Time to Hire a Resume Writer?

  Let me start by saying this: I recognize there are a lot of people currently job seeking who need ...
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Laid Off? Strategies to Help You Locate a New Job

Over the years I've engaged with people of multiple professions facing unplanned work releases due to the economy, company downsizing, ...
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Job Search Resources for Job Seekers During the Pandemic

The Covid-19 virus outbreak has massively impacted the world of work. Sadly, many people are suddenly unemployed. If you have ...
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Job Rejection Can Still Result in Job Offer

Have you ever applied for a job, not received the initial offer, but still ended up in the role (or ...
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Increase Your Job Search Luck

What sets successful job seekers apart from others? It's usually not luck and chance. Strategy, confidence, and motivation often play ...
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Time Your Request for a Raise Right

Understanding how to negotiate a salary isn’t just a skill you use only when you are interviewing for a new ...
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Get This Off Your Resume Right Now!

      Check your resume. Does it include the following common statement in it - that no resume actually ...
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Techniques to Boost Your Brand On LinkedIn in 2020 

LinkedIn is an effective platform for executives to build up their personal brand for both their daily career management and job ...
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Is an Executive Resume Enough to Land a Job?

Recently an executive wrote to ask: “What are my chances of landing a position with a carefully crafted executive resume ...
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3 Steps to Executive Salary Negotiation Success

Employers always have a salary figure in mind when the time comes to hiring a new executive. That figure is not ...
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