21 Resume Tips for 2021

21 Resume Tips for 2021

Let’s face it, 2020 was hard. If you are heading into 2021 looking for work, or simply wanting to keep your resume fresh and ready for anything (highly recommended!), these 21 bite-sized resume tips for 2021 can help.

These 21 resume tips for 2021 are designed for quick reference and easy application.ย Each tip links to another sourceย so you can fully explore the topic.

Remember, you are unique so your resume will be too! Apply what works bestโ€ฆfor YOU!


21 Resume Tips for 2021:

  1. Pick out a job target before you startย to write the resume
  2. Know yourself, know your audience, and know what matters most
  3. Customize content for every job โ€“ general resumes donโ€™t work
  4. Make your value known
  5. Use a tailored resume header that speaks to the job you want, not the job you have
  6. Consider how ATS (applicant tracking system) will read your resume.ย Research how ATS works
  7. No need to list all career history. 15 years of recent employment detail is typically sufficient
  8. Highlight top career achievements andย provide the proof
  9. Focus on achievements, not tasks in your resume. Yes, everyone has results to share
  10. Lead with resultsย and front-load points throughout for greater impact
  11. Let the resume be storytelling in nature
  12. Weave the right keywordsย throughout the file that relate to the target role and audience
  13. Use an active voice with lots of action words
  14. Employ a bit of strategic design to emphasize key content and make your resume look unique
  15. Include appropriate white space; make it easy to read
  16. Content is king, but presentation matters too
  17. Use strategic content to de-emphasize any employment gaps
  18. Remove any possible resume red flags to help improve application success
  19. Ensure the resume look and strategy isnโ€™t ageing you.ย Use a modern approach
  20. Add pandemic career wins to your resume. Employers want to see how you managed, adapted, and succeeded last year.
  21. Stay abreast of current resume trends. The file is constantly evolving and you need to keep up with modern strategies!


Bonus tip: Watch my video on the 3Rs of Resume Writing

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