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REV Up Job Search Success With These Revealing Strategies!

According to the book Guerilla Marketing For Job Hunters there are 3 R’s that are needed to excel in a modern job search:

RESEARCH: Know yourself and your unique skills.

• How can your skills be applied in different organizations?

• Who are the decision-makers at your companies of choice?


RELEVANCY: Know your audience and their unique needs.

• How can you help targeted companies improve business?

• What do you offer that will get things done better, faster, or smarter?


RESILIENCY: Know what matters most and what to leave aside.

• How can you adopt a positive mindset during a challenging job search?

• Will you be able to bounce back and keep motivated?


When I presented this formula  to my network on LinkedIn there were a LOT of amazing additions that career professionals and job seekers recommended be added to this list – to help further rev up job search success:


RESUME and RESULTS: Package up your offerings into a strategic file. Know, and leverage, your results.

Maureen McCann: “Know how to take your research and relevancy and showcase it to the market. Use your resiliency to edit it and promote it in the marketplace.”

Faye Katz: “Ensure you include results, achievements and/or accomplishments in your resume.”


REALIZATION and REFINEMENT: Execute efforts with focus and intent. Narrow your focus and target.

Candace Barr: “Even the strongest documents won’t execute the search for you and *how* you target/approach organizations is just as important.”

Kate Williamson: “Many job seekers see a resume as a magic bullet. However, the more you can narrow your focus on what you’re looking for (and where), the more viable opportunities you’ll come across, and the better you can focus your attention. In turn, this approach supports you in your job search and will make it easier to describe to people in your network what types of opportunities you’re looking for (so that they actually know how to help you).”


RETURN: Follow-up on activities and applications.

Bob McIntosh: “Return: Follow up. Without doing this, you weren’t there.” 

Maureen McCann: “I’d say most of the clients I work with get hired because they’re persistent and really good at the art of “returning” to the employer to do their follow up.”


RISK and RESOURCEFULNESS: Put yourself out there and invest fully in the process.

Taryn Davis: “Be bold! Be brave enough to distinguish yourself by embracing your uniqueness. Dare to swim against the tide of convention. Take a chance. Risk standing out. Make an impression and be REMEMBERED.

Lysa Appleton: “Combined resiliency and resourcefulness ensure that you navigate the job search roller coaster with optimism, and use any lead, even if it cools down, as a potential networking link.”


RELATIONSHIPS and REFERRALS: Network, build relationships, and chase referrals.

Jessica Iniguez: “Connect with your peers and with experts. Connections are invaluable for everyone… but for us job seekers they can be the difference!”

John Rouse: “Referrals. Leverage your network!”


RECITATION: Hone your communication skills.

Jay Howard: “Communication! Do you know how to communicate your career history in a way that matters to hiring manager?  Do you know how to tell a compelling story?  Do you know how to influence and persuade in a sophisticated and winsome manner?  Do you know how to use verbal cues and your body language to convey confidence and authenticity?”


RESPECT and REFLECT: Be gracious for opportunities and people’s time. Pause to reflect and adjust.

Gwenn Hodge: “Respect the interview process and your past employer and supervisors! Respect the time it takes to have an interview (some agencies and organizations conduct three-four interviews) and during the interview and show “respect” to the interviewers! In addition, respect the follow up, write thank you letters or email to those who interviewed you and respect yourself by preparing for the interview and dressing for the level of the position. “Realize” if you do not get the the job you are interviewing for another opportunity will come along. Finally, one should “reflect” on what went well and areas of improvement before the next opportunity.”


Finally, REWARD: Reach your end-goal after a strategic application of the above processes! Reward your efforts.

Michelle Precourt: “You will be rewarded with an interview for your research, relevance and resilience in your job search.”

Scott Hopper: “Reward your victories.”



What do you think? Does this list cover it all, or are there other key strategies, processes, mindsets, and activities that can be added? Chime in to let us know! 


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