Qualify Advice Carefully

Qualify Executive Resume and Job Search Advice Carefully

Be selective of the job search and resume advice you heed.

It’s commonly said: “ask 10 people for advice on resumes or job search and get 20 different opinions”. Beware opinions over expert advice.

Opinions center around personal preference and although these are often shared with good intention they can inadvertently include misinformed ideas or misdirection. Expert advice centers around success strategies and comes from a person who is highly skilled in the subject.

Sometimes it can be challenging to decipher the difference between opinion and expert advice. Taking the time to carefully consider the idea, information, and source can help.

For example:

❓❗️Is your family member a hiring expert or do they just *think* calling the HR department daily will help your search?  Can they share examples of multiple people who have been successful with this technique?

❓❗️Why does your mom *think* you must keep your resume to just 1 page? When was the last time she wrote or screened a modern resume?

❓❗️Does your friend mean well when they tell you to apply to ‘any and all positions’ to increase your chances of landing a job…or do they just *think* this strategy might be successful?

❓❗️When your co-worker tells you to add or remove something in your resume, is it because they *think* they know best (and like their own idea) or are they drawing from sound advice?You get the idea.Qualify advice carefully, especially when it comes to something as critical as your job search and resume.


Finally, even if you choose not to apply select advice, thank people for their time and ideas. Be gracious for all feedback or offerings during your search, but remember: what works for one person may not work for another so carefully consider options or ideas and apply what seems best for you.

Adrienne Tom

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