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Spark Joy in Your Resume Reader

If your resume is starting to get looooong and cluttered

it might be time to “KonMari” it.

You may have seen Marie Kondo’s new show on Netflix or read her popular book. She is an organizing guru. Her method to tidying up can be applied to resumes that haven’t been overhauled for a long time.

By adding and adding to a resume over the years – without any clear strategy – it becomes disorderly.As content expands key details get buried and the overall impression of the file slides towards sloppy and disorganized.

When this happens, this most effective strategy is to haul everything out and start new. Simply shifting things around won’t cut it.Analyze every piece of resume content and ask: “does this relate to the audience at hand?”. If not, remove it. Seek details that ‘spark joy’ because they provide value to the target reader. Then display these facts with care and pride.When you freshen the entire resume strategy you create an orderly file that makes your value easy to spot!

Tips to help refine and organize your resume into a more succinct file:

  • Rebuild the resume so sampling of top and most relevant facts appear near the start of the file.
  • Organize information into sections with clearly defined headers.
  • Front-load statements with impacts so these pop off the page.
  • Add appropriate white space throughout the file. Let content breathe to support readability.
  • Apply a modern look with design elements to better showcase best work.


Adrienne Tom

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