Resume Success Series – Part 2

Jobseekers, the following errors are guaranteed to get your resume noticed – for all the wrong reasons:

1. Missing contact information. Don’t make it difficult for an interested employer to contact you. Offer multiple forms of contact that are easy to spot within the resume.
2. Absent design components. Lack of bullets, distinguishable headers or clear formatting make the resume hard to read.
3. Personal pronouns such as: I, me or my. Resumes are to be written with “I” as the implied subject; pronouns are redundant.
4. No dates. Employers will assume you have something to hide if dates are missing throughout the document.
5. An objective. Keep the bland and overused career objective off your resume! Instead, add a targeted profile or areas of expertise at the start of the document.
6. Too lengthy. Resumes over two pages typically lack strategic content. Provide just a sampling of your related skills sets and accomplishments, not a play-by-play of each past position.
7. Large font type. Large fonts create a juvenile appearance. Strive for a professional impression with a font somewhere between 10-12 in size.
8. Spelling or grammatical errors. Always proofread before sharing your resume and have a friend read it over for you too, just in case!

Adrienne Tom

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