Is Your Resume Ready?

Over the past several years many people have experienced company layoffs, cutbacks or uncertain futures. Rather suddenly jobseekers were forced to dust off their ole resume, or develop a resume for the very first time. Yet the stress of unexpectedly having to update or create a resume that stands out in challenging times can be extremely overwhelming. More than ever people need targeted, high impact resumes to help them get noticed in the competitive job market. To help you keep your cool when tackling your resume during troubling times, here are a few pieces of advice.

First, be prepared. Never shelf your resume for more than a year before updating it. Keep the document current by regularly adding new job skills or accomplishments to it, and by removing older or unrelated information. Even casually jotting down notes in the resume margin or making simple additions or subtractions to the resume every few months will make an unexpected update much more manageable.

Secondly, make yourself more marketable. If after one year you find you are unable to add much to your resume, contemplate ways to boost your skills both inside and outside of the workplace. Take on some professional development: upgrade a certification or qualification, enroll in a course at a local post secondary institute, attend a company conference, or join a new professional association. You could also become more involved in your community, or request additional responsibilities within your current role to add and expand your skill sets.

Next, ensure your resume is well written so it effectively illustrates your strengths and talents. Always tailor your resume towards your targeted job or industry, and pepper industry buzzwords throughout it. Keep the resume content focused around achievements and accomplishments versus generic tasks and duties.

Finally, if you are uncertain or just plain overwhelmed about creating a quality resume on your own – seek professional assistance. Professional resume writers are skilled at creating compelling resumes to help you stand out and get noticed. You never know when a new opportunity will arise that requires an immediate application, or when an unexpected job change may occur. Keep your resume ready; help smooth job search anxiety.

Adrienne Tom

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