Does Your Resume Tell, or SELL?

WowOk job seekers; here it is…the biggest resume blunder you can make: simply telling employers about you and not selling your related skill sets and accomplishments.

That’s right, I said sell!!

Your resume is a marketing tool that must be carefully crafted to show employers why they should hire you. Remember, your resume may be all about you, but it isn’t meant for you.

Brain dumping everything your previous positions involved is not going to catch the eye of recruiters or get you an interview.

Instead, you want to use strategy to showcase the most relevant facts and provide just a sampling of your best material. If you do this right the resume will surely hook and engage!

Another way to approach the sale of you within the resume is to treat yourself as a unique commodity, with a specialized brand.

To start, review how some of the most famous brands are advertised. Do they use long winded, generic commercials that outline all of the specifics? Nope. Instead, famous brands have quick, targeted messages and snappy sales points that are relayed in quick commercials. Famous brands use strategy to sell…and you must too!

So the next time you sit down to craft a new resume for a certain position, remember its’ purpose. To get you an interview! And how can you improve your chances of having the reader take notice of the skills you have to offer? Strategically position yourself as a unique brand with a targeted message. Make them a sale that is hard to refuse!

Adrienne Tom

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