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Q&A: Can My Resume Be TOO Good?

Recent resume question:Hi Adrienne, I saw your recent post about resumes, and I’m wondering if you think a resume can be too good? I had my resume updated, and I think it’s great because it landed me 3 interviews, but I got 3 rejections.”

My answer: Yes and no. Ultimately, a resume that secures interviews is doing what it should be doing, getting you noticed and in front of decision-makers. 

However, if you are getting rejected after job interviews and not securing any offers, 2 potential reasons come to mind.


1. Your resume is not an honest reflection of you and your skills. 

If your resume includes dishonest or even over-inflated information, employers will figure it out during an interview.

Revisit your file and take a hard look at the content. Yes, you might feel that the resume looks or sounds great, but be completely honest with yourself. If the resume seems ‘too good’, could that be because the resume is ‘too good to be true’? 

Bring content down to a level that is an honest reflection of who you are and what you are capable of doing. Share only truthful facts, details, achievements, and skills. If resume language is not how you would naturally describe yourself, or you struggle to support the examples in your file fully, these details can hurt job offer chances.

Incorrect info on a resume can and will be found out. Lying on a resume can kill career chances. 


2. Your interview skills may need some work. 

If you are not making it to the offer stage, your interview preparation and delivery might need work. Many people sound outstanding on paper but fall flat when it comes time to articulate skills and sell their value during an interview.

Did you know that most jobs are awarded to the best communicators and not always to the most qualified candidates? People who own their skills and convince employers that they have what it takes to do the job are made an offer. You need to nail interview answers and sell yourself to get hired.

Many people do not even realize a weakness in their interviewing skills. The best way to ensure that you are clearly and convincingly sharing value with employers is to practice, prepare, and get support from a professional.

Hire an interview coach to assess your interviewing skills and put you to the test. If there are blind spots in your presentation, these can be addressed and improved before more offers are missed.


The next time you feel your resume is ‘too good,’ ask yourself:

Is the file an accurate representation of your abilities?

Are any details overinflated or untrue?

Can you confidently speak to ALL resume content if asked?

Can you articulate your value succinctly and convincingly during a conversation?



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