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Action Verbs

Your resume should create a compelling argument for what sets you apart as a potential candidate for any given role.

How can you ensure your resume ‘sells’ instead of ‘tells’?

To start, focus on the quality of resume content – and not the quantity. Avoid densely packed content that buries key facts and rambles on too long. Recruiters are busy people, and research shows that the majority of recruiters spend only 11 seconds scanning each new resume.

What are they looking for? A convincing argument from you – the job seeker- to keep them reading.

To help capture, and keep, the attention of these hiring authorities, employ clear and concise statements throughout your resume that start with varying action verbs.

Action verbs are strong words that engage the reader and assist with showcasing skills and achievements. Many action verbs are capable of conveying a large amount of information all on their own, helping to keep things succinct. But choose these words wisely. Always ensure action verbs compliment the targeted job’s core skills sets, and ensure you back up each verb with proof of skill or ability (i.e: you can’t just say you generated revenue increases….you need to also state exactly how and by how much!).

Finally, avoid using the same verb more than once. Offering a variety of action words throughout your resume (and cover letter!) will illustrate unique abilities and accomplishments, and keep the reader hooked!

Need some inspiration?  Here are my Top 10 ‘Action Packed’ Resume Words:

• Architected

• Achieved

• Generated

• Pioneered

• Delivered

• Initiated

• Championed

• Leveraged

• Orchestrated

• Accelerated

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