Missing Key Job Skill

Are you Missing a Key Job Skill?

Job seekers, are you feeling frustrated because you are missing a key skill for the job of your dreams? Instead of focusing on the skill you don’t have, focus on sharing what you DO have!

Make your value known by developing a targeted application that addresses employer needs. By positioning yourself as a strong, capable candidate — with specific examples of success in the majority of the job requirements — you will make it harder for a decision-maker to pass you by.

Even if you are not 100% qualified – give it 100% effort!

What other strategies are recommended for people struggling with meeting each and every job application requirement or looking to make a major career leap? 

I recently brought this question to LinkedIn for discussion and got some of the following insights:

Ferdinand Edimo: “As I always say, as a job seeker, you should be absolutely clear about what your value proposition is. What are you bringing to the table? Knowing your worth and being able to affirm it with confidence, coherence and professionalism will sooner or later drive that opportunity to you. When making a career leap, job seekers should showcase (bring to light) the specific competencies and skills they have that are tied to the job requirements. And they should never forget attitude and networking are EVERYTHING when job hunting.”

Maureen McCann: “Love this, Adrienne “Even if you are not 100% qualified – give it 100% effort!”  How many times have we seen candidates weed themselves out of the competition by simply not applying because they didn’t feel they had enough qualifications to make the first screening? You have to believe in yourself before you ask anyone else to believe in you!”

Erica Beggan:I think it’s important to educate clients that a position description contains guidelines of what the employer thinks they want. And sometimes, the employer writes them to intentionally contain more than they need because they’re using the position description as a self-eliminating tool to reduce the number of applicants. Therefore, strategic reading of a position description to bucket the need-to-haves from the nice-to-haves can help a job seeker better focus on what content to include.”

Virginia Franco: “It is rare to come across a posting for which one meets 100% of the qualifications.  In my experience, if you have 70% of the qualifications I’d say go for it! Craft your resume (and LinkedIn) to show alignment with the majority of the posting, and network your way in to bypass software that keeps score.”

Phillip Coffey: “Great post Adrienne. In coaching and mentoring I come across many people ruling themselves out of new roles because their confidence has been knocked by the usual issues we hear about in certain working environments. A good coach, mentor or trusted manager/ peers can be invaluable in helping people make the career leap. You may not be able to control the current environment holding you back, but accessing coaching or mentoring and upskilling in your preferred field will build confidence to go after the role you desire. People shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help. It’s a proactive step – and no risk, no reward.”


Adrienne Tom

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