The Benefits of a Summer Job Search

Many job seekers have the misconception that searching for a job in the summer months is a waste of time. There is false belief that everyone is on vacation and therefore nobody is recruiting; yet this is far from the truth and ‘retreating’ job seekers are missing out!
Although companies maynot be in heavy recruitment mode during the peak of summer, many organizations are still looking to fill open roles.  There is turnover and job development every month of year – including July and August!
As a job seeker you should take advantage of this quieter time and keep your job search fully activated.
Three benefits of a summer job search include:
1. Less Competition.
Competition for roles may be down as many people have other priorities during the summer or take a vacation from their job search. This could give you the advantage you need to snag the perfect role or stand out amongst a smaller application pool.
 2. Companies Plan Ahead.
If a company has anticipated major resource requirements in the upcoming Fall they will look to fill the roles immediately, despite the season. Many companies will want key roles filled well before work activities spike in September – so be ready to pounce!
3. Summer is a Social Season.
This is a great time of year to network! Here in Calgary there are tonnes of events during the Calgary Stampede, and I am sure your personal summer activities include picnics, Bar-B-Qs, weddings, or other social events that you plan to enjoy. Attend every event with the goal to network, secure new contacts, and spread the word about your job requirements.
Finally, if you are applying to jobs without luck, or not seeing as much action in your targeted industry, use your summer wisely to better position yourself for targeted roles and fully prepare for the upcoming peak in Fall recruitment (which catches many job seekers by surprise).
Your summer job search checklist:
  • Get your resume ready and eliminate the stress of updating it on the fly when the right role opens up.
  • Polish up your LinkedIn profile and become familiar with LinkedIn’s new site features.
  • Make a list of targeted organizations to research and reach out to.
  • Compile a list of people in your network that you can start connecting with when time allows.
  • Brush up on your interview skills.
  • Compile the best resources for locating jobs.

Adrienne Tom

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