False Guarantees


Job seekers beware! If you are seeking professional resume writing assistance, do not be fooled by the fancy wording or the false promises on a website – especially if it claims: “We Guarantee Jobs” (WHOA!) or even “We Guarantee Interviews” (Hmm).


Why are these guarantees too good to be true? It is simple, with so many variables involved in securing a new role (which every savvy job seeker should be aware of) guaranteeing jobs is practically impossible and guaranteeing interviews requires a lot more investment than a good resume (i.e.: job search support).


Reputable resume writing or career services organizations do not offer these types of guarantees. That’s right…they know that a good resume is just one factor in a job search. Claiming that a resume creation can guarantee you an interview (or a job!) may be nothing more than an unethical trick to sucker you in and secure your sale.


Can you really trust that an organization has your best interests at heart when they are primarily focused on increasing sales?


Remember, a solid resume is only one aspect in securing an employment interview.  Most organizations are not able to control the other factors that may affect a job seeker’s chance of securing an interview, including:


  • The Economy – if jobs are scarce it will be more competitive for job seekers.
  • Job Fit– ensuring job seekers only apply for roles they are well suited for.
  • Reputation – a job seeker’s industry or online reputation, or how they act or present themselves at events like networking sessions.
  • Resume Updates – if a job seeker makes changes to the created resume it could damage their chances at getting the interview.

An interview (or job) guarantee is exactly what every job seeker wants to hear, so watch out.  These types of guarantees are a red flag.   Do your homework and research each company fully before engaging with them.

Specifically inquire about the credentials of the professional that will be assisting you. Are they clearly outlined and easily verified with an industry association?  If the company is lacking any information on the professional who will be writing the resume for you (check the website’s ABOUT US page to start) this is another serious red flag. You need to know who you will be working with and how this person is equipped to guarantee your satisfaction.  That’s right, guarantees your satisfaction with their services, nothing more.


Adrienne Tom

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