Executive Resume Checklist

Resume Checklist for Executives

Resume Checklist for ExecutivesIt should come as no surprise that many executives are strategic, sharp, and savvy top professionals. Many of them will pursue a job search with precision and leverage deep qualifications to stand out as the candidate of choice.

Are YOU prepared to sell yourself, with confidence in your resume, to compete?

To be considered for a top position, your resume must promote you with purpose!

The very best executive resumes convey strategic value with supporting metrics and rich results. Resumes with too little detail cause the document to pale in comparison next to strong leaders, and those with too much information suffocates value.

Position yourself as a strong and qualified leader, showcasing how you can helm an organization and drive a business forward, applying these 5 steps in the following resume checklist:


Brand Yourself to Stand Out

You likely understand the value of branding a business, so treat yourself the same. If you are the commodity – what is going to motivate others to buy what you are selling? What strongly positions you as the leader of choice?

Identify your specific value and share it with confidence throughout the document.ย  Tell your story.

Start the resume with a branded statement that sets the stage for upcoming content. Immediately engage the reader.

Seeking value proposition ideas or headlines?ย  Check out this post on top executive resume strategies with branded headline examples or gain inspiration from these:


Senior VP, Operations: Transportation, Healthcare, Manufacturing

P&L: $500M |ย  Global Teams of 100 | Global B2B Operations |ย  Fortune 500ย 

Chief Executive Officer / Chief Financial Officer: ย Growth Strategist


Grew Revenue 600% in 6 Year |ย  Increased EBITDA 350% YOYย  | Managed up to $150M P&L


Technology Innovation & Management ~ IT Leadership & Strategy ~ Project Direction & Delivery

Introduces innovative technology solutions and drives forward projects in global companies to ย enhance efficiencies, align business needs, and raise organizational performance


Think Quality over Quantity

A long and solid work history is expected for positions at the top, yet readers don’t want all of the details. Roles held over 20 years ago, or earlier positions where direct leadership was not prevalent, should be kept off the resume or minimized (ie: your early management days are not as exciting as your recent VP, EVP, or C-Suite positions).

Keep content refined.ย  Everyday tasks are a snore and will do NOTHING to set you apart from competitors — be strategic with your resume offerings.

What impacts can you showcase that will capture and keep the eye of the reader?ย  A select sampling of measurable impacts will speak volumes over everyday responsibilities and keep content from rambling on and on and onโ€ฆ..

Take this first text-heavy example:


Witness how this same content can be refined for greater impact:


Watch the Length!

Keep resume length in check by strategically aligning chosen content with position needs. If work history or examples do not directly speak to your value to perform well within the role at hand, keep it off.

Well-written executive resumes need not extend past 3 pages.ย  Yes, just 3 pages, and often even less.

A resume is not a career chronology, it is a marketing tool.ย  Succinct and tight content is easier to absorb and packs more punch. Unsure how to write a resume that is just 3 pages long but still delivers purpose?ย  Check out these award-winningย samples here.ย 


Maximize Metrics and Wow with Results

High-impact career stories need proof of skill.ย  Skill is best demonstrated with rich results. Laden your executive resume with solid metrics to support abilities and position you as an expert.

Youโ€™ve likely heard the saying โ€˜actions speak louder than wordsโ€™ โ€“ this applies in your resume, only the actions are the impacts! Start bullet points with the achievement and succinctly weave in the story about how end results came to be under your leadership and direction.ย  These are wow factors. At the executive level, lots of wow is needed to promote personal value and position someone as an above-average candidate.

Examples of solid, front-loaded impact statements include:

  • Slashed $13M in costs over 2 years with efficiency improvements.
  • Spearheaded development processes for 235 projects, from concept to closeout, valued over $2.4B.
  • Helmed $13M acquisition negotiation that produced 8 times the return on investment within 3 years.

Continue the above bullets with the skills you applied in the situation and infuse stories…keeping readers engaged.


Finally, Use a Modern Formatย 

You are not ordinary and your resume shouldn’t be ordinary either. Basic, bland, black and white text resumes written with Times New Roman font are old-school.

Prove that you are keeping with the times and showcase your career in a resume that includes a distinct presentation, layout, or format. Infuse your resume with appropriate keywords and employ colour, charts, testimonials, or graphs to better spotlight expertise.

Here are some examples of using design components to spotlight key content:

Again, a sampling of modern executive resumes can be seen on Career Impressions website.

Keep in mind that at the executive level you should have several versions of your resume ready to go: a human-eye-friendly resume for applying in person, via email, or at networking opportunities…. and potentially a simpler format for ATS (or online) applications. If you donโ€™t know what ATS is you need to educate yourself. Read about ATS here.



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