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Look for my resumes in the latest edition of Resumes for Dummies!

I am honoured to have several of my executive and management-level resume samples featured in this popular job search resource. Each of my resume samples highlight a unique format or strategy for varying career situations:

Senior Sales Representative: Learn how to leverage personal sale metrics and position them in charts and graphs so readers can spot impacts in an instant.

CEO/CFO: Discover how to overview long-standing executive work in one organization and break down powerful business impacts into easier-to-absorb skill sections.

Senior Wellsite Manager: Understand how to showcase repeating responsibilities/results from several similar positions.

Director of IT: See how this award-winning resume applies a savvy design structure to guide a reader’s eye throughout the file, ensuring the best ‘bits’ are not overlooked.Resumes for Dummies, 8th Edition by Laura DeCarlo is available for purchase now on Amazon.


Adrienne Tom

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