You’re a top producer;  which means you need a resume that produces results too. Yet if you are sending out your rePositive Imagesume and not getting the desired responses, there is likely some work to be done.

CFO resumes must illustrate unique value, presenting these business executives as being well-informed of current financial and corporate challenges.

Apply these 3 strategies to raise the value of your CFO resume:

1. GET CURRENT. If you haven’t conducted a job search in some time you are likely behind in modern job search trends. Today’s resumes involve strong strategies and polished presentations to stand out. Some significant tactics include:

>> Keep it short. A densely packed resume can do you more harm than good. If a resume exceeds 3 pages it needs an overhaul. Nobody wants to read a ‘career obituary’ (everything ever done and every role ever held). Think marketing tool and make every word count.

>> Keep it focused and relevant. Eliminate lengthy job descriptions and generalized overviews; these are a given. Pinpoint pertinent career content that demonstrates a solid understanding of the role requirements.

>> Keep it loaded with results. Pack in power statements with exact metrics for massive impact.  Top achievers need examples that provide the proof…. like:

  • Raised over $34M in venture and corporate funding in 3 years.
  • Negotiated $21M acquisition with additional $6M equity investment.
  • Identified and eliminated under-performing assets to free up over $40M in cash.
  • Implemented updated software program; saved $50K in annual software maintenance and licensing fees.
  • Negotiated 75% approval of debt restructuring proposal with trade creditors.


2. KNOW YOUR VALUE. CFO’s typically progress along a similar career track and share many skills and values, but no two are exactly alike. Why should YOU be chosen to lead financial decisions in this ‘second from the top’ corporate role?

Spend time contemplating your ‘10% difference’. …being an expert at numbers this should be a breeze. 🙂

Drill down to identify what makes you an authority in your industry and flesh out examples of where you’ve risen to the challenge. You need to convince high-level recruiters, boards, committees, and executive management that you can make a positive financial impact to business.

Provide specific profit and revenue gains, cost-savings, or streamlined efficiencies to support skills.

Develop a strong value proposition to summarize high-level experiences and work to support this statement throughout the document. Targeted branding or value proposition statements include:





Expert in Venture & Corporate Funding | Revenue & Business Expansion | M&A Administration

Drives operational and financial efficiency as a trusted advisor and partner. Connects entrepreneurial companies with venture capital to heighten
business performance

3. SHARPEN THE PRESENTATION. Top executives need distinct resumes that scream polished professional. Employ savvy layouts and design components (charts, graphs, or color) to ensure the resume impresses at first glance.

>> Chart it. Visually represent revenue increases, profit or productivity advances, or cost-savings. Graphs or charts often speak louder than words:

CFO Chart


>> Bullet it. Deliver ‘bite size’ and easily digestible points instead of heavy blocks of text. The difference can be dramatic. Here’s a comparison:

Sought out areas for revenue improvement and increases. Located and handled negotiation for an acquisition, valued at $6M, which ultimately produced a strong return on investment (approximately eight times the return over a five year time span).


  • Strengthened revenue potential by helming a $6M acquisition negotiation that produced 8 times the return on investment within 5 years.


Bulleted content is sharper, key details jump out, and wordiness is drastically reduced.


>> Color it. Subtle splashes of color throughout the resume can make key content pop and dramatically set a document apart in a pile of competitors. See these executive resume samples to learn more. 


As a leading results-generator you likely lack the time to tackle a proper resume renovation, so don’t risk being passed over for a position at the top; turn your project over to a trusted professional.


A top performer like yourself understands the return on a good investment and the cost of a bad one.  Your career is too valuable to gamble with using a resume that may never work. Partner with a pro to ensure ROI:

Finally, learn more about how to write a stand-out executive resume in this LinkedIn post: “Resume Checklist for Executives”

How to Write a Profitable CFO Resume

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    August 8, 2014 at 10:21 am

    Very good article. Well written and make all sense. Talking about your biggest achievement is not always best. Ensure you showcase your achievements in a way that is digestible for the prospective employer. You need to ensure that your resume will be in line with the person who shows up on the interview. Always be who you are on paper, online and in person.


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