Resume Strategies: Write with Success

Utilize these key strategies to create an effective resume:

1. Keep it Structured
Organize your information with clearly marked headers and simple design components. Don’t make employers hunt for the essentials.

2. Sell…Don’t Just Tell
Skip the mundane facts. Instead, promote your skills and abilities. Treat the resume like an advertisement: all about you!

3. Remain Truthful
Avoid padding the resume with false details. Employers will find out. Ensure you can support statements and speak on your skills and qualifications during an interview.

4. Use Appropriate Keywords
Pepper industry “buzzwords” throughout your resume. Prove that you have the skills required for the role, and aid with scanning methods.

5. Know Yourself
Emphasize confidence in your qualifications and abilities. Avoid passive words and phrases, and convince the employer that you are the best person for the job.

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