LinkedIn Benefits Breakdown

LinkedIn In today’s digital age where people regularly research and connect online, LinkedIn carries a lot of weight and packs a big punch (of benefits).If you are not signed up with LinkedIn you need to be. Not being on LinkedIn is like not existing at all. What exactly is LinkedIn?

  • The top social networking tool, reaching over 400 million registered users in February 2016.
  • Two new members join the site every second, and over 100 million people visit the site each month.
  • A common misconception about LinkedIn is that it only benefits job seekers; not so.

Professional networking opportunities can benefit the gainfully employed as well:

  • Establish a solid network to have it ready for when you need it, or as Harvey MacKay put it: “Dig your well before you’re thirsty”.
  • Discover new opportunities through your LinkedIn network that you would not have located otherwise.
  • Generate a hundred strategic contacts and get access to millions of potential people in a short amount of time.
  • Get all the benefits of networking in person, with less of the hassle. LinkedIn provides a platform for you to easily search, connect, and engage with hundreds of thousands of resources.

Job seeking?  Even better:

  • Leverage the power of your network on LinkedIn— the people you know, and the people those people know — to help you connect to the person (or people) who are in a position to offer you a job.
  • Get located by employers and recruiters who use LinkedIn to locate potential matches for open positions or vet job candidates. This practice is becoming more and more common.

To be effective on this networking site:

  • Ensure your profile is fully completed and positions you strongly. Remember that a lot of people will have access to your information; content must support your value and your brand.
  • Engage with the site regularly; don’t just “set it and forget it” hoping results will generate on their own. You need to initiate things!

Overall, the ability to identify, research, contact, follow-up, engage, and maintain your contacts in one place is the power of LinkedIn. Its ability to facilitate business networking is unmatched by any other social network. Essentially, your LinkedIn profile is a resume, business card, and elevator speech all rolled up into one.

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