Updated workbooks

Are you looking for an easy do-it-yourself resume writing resource? Want to write an effective resume quickly? Need a resume fast?

Access resume writing secrets from a master-level resume writer.

This collection of 3 workbooks (eGuides) is designed to walk professionals of all levels, step-by-step, through the resume creation process.

Learn how to identify your unique skills, establish your brand, and strategically build each section of the resume.  Additional resources guide you on effectively using your new resume as you move into the job search process.

Discover how to:

  • Identify your unique value. Find out what sets you apart from your competitors
  • Craft a compelling career story
  • Add metrics and measurements into your resume content to WOW readers
  • Align ‘what matters most’ from your career with the targeted job requirements
  • Design a file that is easy to read and high-impact
  • Select the right keywords
  • Customize your resume for various roles
  • Get your new DIY resume into the hands of decision-makers


Workbook 1: Know Yourself. Discover what separates you with an in-depth analysis of your skills and offerings. Identify who you are, what you are good at, and where your strengths lie.

Workbook 2: Know What Matters Most. Create value-enhanced resume statements and career stories, then work section-by-section to build your interview-winning resume.

Workbook 3: Know Your Audience. Align resume content with targeted job requirements.  Learn how to understand employer needs, integrate the right keywords, and customize content accordingly. Finally, get instructions on how to use your resume moving forward.

Filled with resume writing information and examples for entry-level to established professionals.

Set yourself apart from competitors with a DIY resume that gets you noticed.

Write your resume using master-level resume writing insights and tips!

If you are an executive, there is a workbook series designed specifically for you!  Learn more here: https://careerimpressions.ca/downloads/diy-executive-resume/ 

Workbooks are downloadable after purchase. If you experience any trouble with the online purchase, please email us!