There is a wealth of information being shared every single second on Twitter – a highly popular social networking and microblogging site.  As a job seeker you can use Twitter to locate good quality content on career planning, resume writing, interview preparation, job search strategies, and employment issues.


If you are looking for distinctly Canadian resources and top Canadian career professionals to follow on Twitter, I recommend the following 12 individuals (listed in alphabetical order by last name):


Martin Buckland @MartinBuckland
Maureen Farmer @MaureenFarmer4
Charles Fraser @_CharlesFraser
Sharon Graham @sharongraham
Chris Kulbaba @chriskulbaba
Maureen McCann @mypromotion
Tara Orchard @careerchatter
Wayne Pagani @careerdev
Audrey Prenzel @audreyprenzel
Lotte Struwing @LotteStruwing
Daisy Wright @CareerTips2Go
Paula Wischoff Yerama @PaulaWYerama


Of course, I would be remiss if I did not add my own Twitter handles to this list as I also enjoy sharing career and job search content of my own, along with the content of others. Hope to connect with you soon!

Note: I recently changed my personal Twitter handle from @ResumeReviewer to @Adrienne_Tom

Can you recommend additional Canadian career pros to add to this list? What specific Canadian career information would you like to see more of on Twitter?  Let us know! 
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Canadian Career Pros To Follow on Twitter

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