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Win the Job Offer with an Effective Thank You Note

It should come as no surprise that a thank you note is an expectation – not an option – after an employment interview. However, writing an effective note of thanks, that is both strategic and meaningful, can take some careful consideration.

At the executive level, a follow-up thank you letter should express gratitude for the opportunity, but also provide a meaningful reminder of the value being brought to the table. Content should be tailored towards the specific needs of the position and/or organization and demonstrate enthusiasm for the role.

The goal of a thoughtful thank you letter is to generate a positive, personalized reaction. If composed correctly, a thank you letter can be the distinguishing difference between you and the competition, winning you the job offer.

A simple note that says: “Thank you for taking the time to meet with me today” won’t cut it.

Below is an example of a detailed thank you letter for a security executive which covers 5 critical elements:

1. Applies a professional tone and approach

2. Customizes content to the company’s requirements – addressing specific pain points

3. Reminds the reader of the value and qualifications offered

4. Expresses interest and sincerity

.5. Balances detailed content with brief delivery

Dear Mr. Miller:

I would like to thank you for meeting with me today to discuss your security risk concerns and plans. Stone Energy’s focus on the future and desire to invest in risk and security management is commendable.

Valuing your need to minimize business interruption, you will appreciate my low profile and proactive approach. I can facilitate a quick assessment of your organization’s individualized needs within the first 30 days on the job, providing a detailed action plan shortly after without any disruption to operations. Your goal is the same as my goal: lowered liability and stress, along with smoother business operations.  

After successfully managing over 150 risk and security projects with comparable security challenges to your own – all on schedule – I am confident we can reach the desired result, rapidly and tactfully. I look forward to the next step in exploring work together and putting plans into place.  Thank you again.


Michael Jones

A thank you note should be delivered within 24 hours of the interview.

If time allows, hand-write and hand-deliver your thank you letters. If time is short, a customized email is the next best option. Never generically email a group.

The next time you sit down to compose a note of thanks after an interview –  aim to create a letter that emphasizes the critical factors outlined above. Demonstrate genuine interest, a solid understanding of the role, and an alignment between your skills and the job requirements.

Reassure the employer that you are the candidate of choice by providing plenty of value that is hard to pass up. 

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