Business-ManYou’re a results generator – which means you need a resume that produces results too.

Yet if you are sending out your resume and not getting the desired responses, there is likely some work to be done.

Leading executives like you need a resume that illustrates immediate value – and presents you as being at the top of your game.

Apply these 3 strategies to get your resume opening doors to highly sought-after opportunities:

1. GET CURRENT: If you haven’t conducted a job search in some time you are likely behind in current job search trends. Today’s resumes involve strong strategies and polished presentations to stand out. Some significant tactics include:

>>Keep it short. A densely packed resume will do more harm than good; if your resume exceeds 3 pages it needs an overhaul. Nobody wants to read your ‘career obituary’ (everything you’ve ever done and every role you’ve ever held). Think marketing tool and make every word count.

>> Keep it focused and relevantEliminate lengthy job descriptions and generalized overviews; these are a given. Pinpoint pertinent content from your career that demonstrates you understand the unique role requirements.

>>Keep it loaded with results. Pack in power statements with exact metrics for massive impact. As an achiever in your field you need examples like:

  • Captured 60% market share from competitors in 6 months.
  • Slashed $13M in costs over 2 years with efficiency improvements.
  • Spearheaded development processes for 235 projects, from concept to close out, valued over $2.4B.
  • Helmed $13M acquisition negotiation that produced 8 times the return on investment within 3 years.
  • Grew sales by $218M in 4 years.


2. KNOW YOUR VALUE:  Top executives share many similar skills and values, but no two are exactly alike. Why should YOU be chosen to spearhead a department or helm an organization over someone else?

Spend time contemplating your ‘10% difference’. Drill down to identify what makes you an authority in your industry and flesh out examples of where you’ve risen to the challenge. You need to convince high-level recruiters, boards, committees, and executive management that you can make a big impact to business.

Provide specific revenue growth, cost-savings, or productivity gains to support your skills.

Develop a strong value proposition to summarize your high-level experiences and work to support this statement throughout the document. Targeted branding or value proposition statements include:

CEO Driving Organizational Change, Success, and Rapid Growth

Value Creator ~ Business Enabler


Vice President Development & Construction

Envisions Strategies and Creates Road Maps that Streamline Delivery

Project Planning | Project Management |Construction Management


Chief Financial Officer | Controller | Assistant Controller

Streamlines Financial Processes and Implements Cost-Efficient Technologies



Cultivates a Culture of Sales Performance and Accountability

through Innovation and Execution Excellence


Learn more about the importance of adding value to your resume in my post: “Executive Resume Requirement: Make Your Value Known”.

3. SHARPEN THE PRESENTATION: Top executives need distinct resumes that scream polished professional. Employ savvy layouts and design components (charts, graphs, or color) to ensure your resume impresses at first glance.

>> Chart it. Visually represent your revenue increases, profit or productivity advances, or cost-savings. Graphs or charts can speak louder than than words:

>> Bullet it. Deliver ‘bite size’ and easily digestible points instead of heavy blocks of text. The difference can be dramatic. Here’s a comparison:


Developed a three year growth plan focused on expansion of branded points throughout Alberta to increase distribution by 50 locations in the province, which created a 25% increase to store count and a successful population reach of 90%.


  • Championed three year strategic growth plan to expand Alberta branded points of distribution by 50 locations; achieved 25% increase to store count with a population reach of 90%.

The bulleted content is sharper, key details jump out, and wordiness is drastically reduced.

>> Color it. Subtle splashes of color can make key content pop and dramatically set your document apart in look from a pile of competitors. The chart above employs color to help it stand out.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Make it a goal to get your resume read by an actual person (see: Network Your Way to a New Job) and apply these formatting strategies to appeal to the human eye, but know when to modify formatting as needed for ATS applications.

As a top achiever you likely lack the time to tackle a proper resume renovation, so don’t risk being passed over for a position with high stakes: turn your project over to a trusted professional. A top executive like yourself understands the return on good investment and the cost of a bad one. Your career is too valuable to gamble with using a resume that may never work. Visit to learn more.


Adrienne Tom is a multi-certified, award-winning Master Resume Strategist, Employment Strategist, and Interview Coach at Career Impressions, who partners with astute business leaders to help them secure high-level employment and career success.

Mastering the Executive Resume – 3 Strategies for Top Tier Professionals

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