According to the 2013 Jobvite Social Recruiting Survey: “Anyone not leveraging social referrals is behind the curve”. 



This 2013 survey also shares the following statistics:


  •  94% of recruiters use or plan to use social media in their recruitment efforts
  • 78% of recruiters have made a hire through social media
  • LinkedIn remains the king of searching (96%), contacting (94%), vetting (92%) and keeping tab of candidates (93%)


If you are a job seeker still weighing the benefits of joining LinkedIn – you need to put aside any and all hesitations and get on board.  Leveraging LinkedIn during a job search can drastically impact your job search – for the better.  Employers are using social media more and more to recruit candidates; LinkedIn clearly tops their list.   If you are not on LinkedIn you are missing out on many possible opportunities, while proving you are ‘behind the curve’.


The most important sections of your LinkedIn profile are: your profile picture, your headline, and your summary. These three places in your profile are the first items a prospective employer reviews and they are proven to take up the majority of each reader’s attention. (TheLadders report).


You also want to ensure your LinkedIn profile is content and keyword rich to ensure you rank appropriately in site searches.  Hiring personnel regularly vet candidates through the site by conducting keyword searches.


Finally, make sure your LinkedIn profile is complete and perfectly polished.  The profile needs to act as your bio and your resume; it should infuse your unique ‘voice’ and personality while selling your select skills.


LinkedIn profiles that are “complete” receive 40% more opportunities than incomplete profiles, and LinkedIn profiles that are keyword optimized rank higher in searches.


Jobvite’s 2013 survey also reiterates that: “Recruiters are also placing increasing importance on candidates’ social profiles: 42% have reconsidered a candidate based on content viewed in a social profile, leading to both positive and negative re-assessments”.  Don’t risk turning off recruiters with a profile that doesn’t shine!


If you don’t yet understand the power of LinkedIn or know how to leverage it during a job search – I can help. Recently awarded Outstanding Canadian Online Profile Developer from Career Professionals of Canada – and having worked for LinkedIn for 1 year as a Contractor – I’m well-armed to develop robust profiles that raise your visibility and searchability on the site. My services also include resources on how to effectively use and engage with the site moving forward.



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