Are you competing with the right strategies and resources?!

Even with the high demand on my specialized services, I am still surprised by the amount of people that are not aware that professional resume writers exist – and not because they went looking and couldn’t find any, but because they honestly never even thought to try.

I meet people all the time who have never heard of my occupation and think that I am an anomaly…but let me assure you I am not. My services may be unique in the high level of standard, but my profession is a rapidly advancing trend along with a vast array of job search resources that are escalating in depth and breadth.

Searching for a job today is a lot different than most people think. It is a lot more competitive and requires a lot more savvy. If you are a job seeker you need to know about (and utilize) every available tool there is to give you a leg-up in your job search.

The biggest problem I see are job seekers stuck in an old fashioned way of thinking… believing that the job search process is an individual (and arduous) task. Not true. Nowadays all different types of job education personnel and organizations exist to aid you through one of life’s most stressful tasks: the job search!

There are career coaches who can assess your skill sets and help you explore employment options, resume writers who can compile targeted resumes that stand out in a crowd, interview coaches who can aid you in polishing up your employment interview skills, and recruiters who can help connect you with jobs.

And let’s not forget about the power of leveraging your network during the job search process!  Are you?!

If you are one of the many job seekers out there slogging through a tough job search alone, consider swapping your old fashioned approach for a new age one and seek professional help.

If you are hesitant about doing so, or believe you have what it takes to attempt it on your own, take a moment and imagine another (savvier) job seeker that IS making use of top-notch assistance during their job search.

This forward-thinking job seeker is potentially increasing their chances of: locating the job of their dreams, getting their resume noticed in a massive pile of others, connecting with the interviewer and making the best sale of their unique skills and abilities, and ultimately landing a job in a faster, easier, and less stressful manner.

And that job they are going after… what if it is the same one you want?! Still confident you can compete against them?

The simple truth is this, if you don’t make use of the resources out there during your job search, you are taking a gamble with inadvertently showcasing your weaknesses to potential employers, who have raised their own standards and won’t pass up ‘mistakes’.

These mistakes could be the lack-lustre resume you submitted with formatting that is not reflective of current times, or it could be your inability to effectively communicate your skill sets on paper or in person.

Don’t raise red flags on old fashioned thinking (nobody wants it);instead get with the times and seek assistance where you need it.


Adrienne Tom is a Certified Employment Strategist and Certified Executive Resume Master.  Visit her website to learn more:



Job Search Mentality: Behind the Times or Forward-Thinking?

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