75-Day Accomplishments Journal Book Cover White

Are you keeping track of your career accomplishments? You must!

When applying for your next role, you need clear examples of achievement and success to help you stand out.

Future employers need to know specifically how you can help them. Prove that you have what it takes to do the job by sharing specific, related examples of career success.

If your competitors can demonstrate clear ROI with specific examples of job success - and you can not - you may be passed over.

Start keeping track of your accomplishments now with this guide, which includes: 

  • 75 daily prompts! A simple way to capture career successes over time
  • Dedicated space to write down your thoughts and achievements
  • Thoughtful questions you may not have considered
  • A section at the end to help you build strong success statements for your resume!

When it comes time to build your resume or look for a job, this 75-Day Accomplishments Journal will be an excellent resource to reference - making your job search much easier!


This eGuide is downloadable after purchase. Reach out if you have any difficulties with purchase or download.