Career Pros Share Resume “No-No’s”

Career Pros Share Resume “No-No’s”

The impact of a good resume is truly immeasurable and can translate into positive outcomes for job seekers, including shortened job searches, higher employment, or increased salaries. In comparison, the impact of a poorly written resume is the same, but

Resume Trends for Today, 2015, and Beyond

Resume writing is constantly shifting and changing.  Although resumes are only one part of the job search journey, they are still a vital requirement in every job seeker’s toolbox.  Compile a resume incorrectly and you could find yourself being overlooked

Does Your Resume Need Rescuing? Put It To The Test

What exactly differentiates an impressive resume from a weak resume? Well, a stand-out resume SELLS instead of tells. It also: Advertises a job seeker’s unique value proposition just like any other marketing material. Is attention-grabbing, tailored in content, and keyword