Step-by-Step Formula for Writing LinkedIn Recommendations

LinkedIn recommendations that are well written and properly compiled can have a lot of impact. Yet if you are asked to provide a recommendation (for a colleague, client, partner, coworker, or employee ) it can be a daunting task to ensure you provide something

Why “Buzzwords” are Necessary in a Job Search

Every year articles circulate on the topic of ‘the year’s most overused buzzwords’, cautioning us on the most widely used keywords in resumes and LinkedIn profiles.  Yet not all buzzwords are bad.   Think about it – most buzzwords are

Professional Resume Writing – A Valuable Investment!

Professional Resume Writing – A Valuable Investment!

Do you want to Level-Up…Land a Job Faster…and Increase Your Earning Potential? Professional resume writing services can range in price, yet job seekers should look beyond the monetary costs of these specialized services, focusing instead on the value of the