A spirited leader, Jacqueline* had earned a reputation for driving operational results across a variety of industries in Canada.

Pursuing an operational role within an organization seeking change or growth, Jacqueline approached me for a resume that demonstrated her efficiencies in business development, revenue growth, and effective change.

Her old resume did absolutely nothing to relay the many, many business turnaround and operational achievements that she had championed over the years within a variety of unique positions.

In fact, her original resume was bland, basic, and lacking key achievements and metrics. See for yourself (click to enlarge):


Adrienne Tom_Original Operations Manager-page-001 Adrienne Tom_Original Operations Manager-page-002


As I do with all clients, I  partnered with Jacqueline to have her identify major career accomplishments in relation to the job target.  I compelled her one step further to capture supporting metrics, which add value and concrete evidence.

We then narrowed her value proposition and I worked to back this statement throughout the body of the resume.



Jacqueline’s new resume was developed to play up her ability to achieve business transformation and growth. One-lined statements open the resume, and her words on the first page emphasize her value offering.

The resume is branded with intentionally bold and vibrant colors to match Jaqueline’s personality and drive, using orange arrows to position consistent wins from each role while demonstrating clear change. Traditional role overviews are avoided; instead role transformations are emphasized in bright blue color blocks.

To further showcase some of Jacqueline’s many strengths, role achievements are broken down into unique skill headers.

Finally, specific impacts and figures are bolded throughout the resume to help points pop. Arrow graphs and charts provide visual interest and make it hard to overlook key impacts.



Jacqueline walked away with a modern career tool that strongly positions her for major operational roles.  Her qualifications, value-add, and unique value proposition were unearthed, captured, and strategically shared.

In the new resume there is no doubt that Jacqueline has the ability to lead effective change, grow revenues, and implement business development efficiencies.

The new, branded operations manager resume (click to enlarge):

Operations Manager Resume_Adrienne Tom1 Operations Manager Resume_Adrienne Tom2


Please note that the new resume is not ATS-friendly.  This resume format is meant for an actual person to read and is best used for networking or in-person distribution: the #1 way to secure executive-level employment!

An ATS version was compiled for this client where design components were stripped out, leaving top content in a simpler format for online applications.  Remember, content is king in a resume, but design matters too, especially for in-person applications.  Help your resume stand out in a sea of competitors.

Adrienne Tom is an award-winning executive resume writer who packages and positions astute business leaders for high-level employment and career success.  Learn more about her executive services online at:

*Name and details have been changed in the resume to protect the identity of this client.

Operations Manager: Resume Makeover

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