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There are a lot of new trends in resumes: fresh formats, clean writing, and impactful branding statements.  But what about including testimonials in your resume or cover letter?  Adding a testimonial can be a great way to support the messages you are trying to portray to employers, giving you an extra edge over other applicants.
Testimonials can be added to your resume in a number of ways.  Adding a simple text box works, but make sure the addition fits with the overall format and it is pleasing to the eye.  Alternatively, a separate “Testimonials” section could be added near the end of your resume,  or a quote could be added to the “Accomplishments” section of your resume.  Overall, keep testimonials short; limited to one or two sentences.
The most likely sources for testimonials are performance reviews given by your manager or supervisor.  If your company is fairly casual about offering performance reviews, request one.  Ask that something be provided to you in writing – you never know when you may need documented accolades that overview your work ethic and strongest skill sets.  You can also request letters of reference from former employers, clients, colleagues, or vendors.  Another growing source for testimonials is LinkedIn, which allows your connections to directly endorse your skills and experience online. 
When it comes time to select your best endorsements, only use material that is current (nothing from 30 years ago, please), and, more importantly, relevant.  If you are applying for a job in customer service, use a quote from a customer that reinforces your skills in customer service.  If you are looking for work where project management is a key skill, find a testimonial that mentions how well you completed a past project.  Also, do not, under any circumstances, fabricate your testimonials.  Lying about anything on your resume is a terrible idea.  If you are found out, you could be completely discredited and lose your job.
So if you are looking to add impact to your career documents, consider the addition of strong, relevant, and influential testimonials that can add credibility, visual interest, and grab a reader’s attention.  
– Written by Jennifer Miller, a Certified Professional Resume Writer at Professional Edge Resumes
Should I Add Testimonials to My Career Documents?

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