Perhaps you are considering a job move…..or you are thinking about re-entering the workforce after time away.

Maybe you are ready to pursue a move up the corporate ladder, take on a larger role, make more money, or you are considering a completely new career path.

Regardless, all of the above scenarios mean you will need to dust off your career tools to position yourself as the best candidate.

Career tools include a standout and well-tailored resume and cover letter, polished interview skills, and refined networking ability coupled with a clear goal of where you want to be and what position you want to target.   If you are missing any of these essential tools then you are gambling with your job, your potential livelihood, and even your dream.

Sure, you can risk relying on a resume you used 10 years ago, but good luck standing out and catching an employer’s eye.

Still got a generic cover letter?  Not going to cut it.

No job search plan?  Yikes.

These days’ employers and recruiters know all about the best resume approaches and job search trends; and they expect a future employee of theirs to know about them too.

Today’s employers are inundated with applications and they are not looking for average.  They need someone who knows their value, knows how that value can benefit their company, and they want someone who can communicate this with perfect precision during an interview.  If you can’t shine in person – you’ll be passed over.

Finally, are you simply going to mass-apply for jobs you find on the internet and hope that you get a call?  Best not.  Everyone knows that the majority of positions are not advertised; you have to get up and get out there.

To land a new job or advance your career you must know your worth. Network. Speak to people. Sell yourself!

Figure out what jobs you are well-suited for (yes, you will have to show a relationship between your skills and the job requirements), and spend time researching and connecting with key decision-makers – not just researching ‘jobs’ online.

Stellar career tools are truly priceless in today’s job market.  Think about the wasted time, energy, effort, and money if you get stuck in a lengthy job search.  How will your self-esteem be affected if you don’t get called for interviews or you consistently get rejected at the time of the job offer?

It is well-known that job seekers who have a willingness to invest their time, energy, and money into their job search are far more successful.  Seek out resources and professionals that can give you an advantage, set you apart, and help you stand out.  Get your career tools polished up! Invest.


Ready to invest?  Contact me at Career Impressions to get started:

Your Career: Investment Required

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