Constant InvestmentPerhaps you are considering a job move…or you are thinking about re-entering the workforce after time away.


Maybe you are ready to pursue a move up the corporate ladder… you want to take on a larger role…you want to make more money… or you are considering a completely new career path.

Regardless, all of the above scenarios mean you will need to employ job search skills and dust off your career tools to position yourself as the top candidate.

Have you been investing in career management to help you get ahead?  Here are some of the key areas that require constant investment:


Job search skills and planning

Do you have a clear goal of where you want to be and what position you want to target? This is essential step #1.  Create and upkeep a career management plan.

Next, what actions are you going to take to ensure you get noticed – and hired!? This is a multi-step process.

If your idea of job searching is to simply mass-apply to jobs on the internet, you might find yourself frustrated, fast.  The majority of positions are not advertised; you have to get up and get out there.  And if you are targeting roles without being a qualified match, you won’t generate results.

A better job search strategy is to build and foster a network.  Ask your contacts for information, opportunities, or leads.  Explore internal company referrals as those yield a much higher return on investment.  Truly, you need to diversify your approach.

Next, understand what you are selling.  If you are the commodity an employer is looking to ‘buy’, what makes you unique and worth taking on?  Are you prepared to compete against other savvy job seekers who have assessed, gathered evidence, and practiced their personal value presentation?  You need to be!


Career tools

Today’s job search toolbox should include a standout and well-tailored resume and cover letter, polished interview skills, strong online presence (LinkedIn profile!), and refined networking ability.

Employers will research you.  Are you aware of what they will find out about you online?

Finally, are you prepared to speak on any barriers (recent lay off, employment gap, career transition) with confidence?


Fully invest in your career by being job search savvy!

If you are missing any of the essential steps or tools above then you could be gambling with your job, your potential livelihood, and even your dream.

Think about the wasted time, energy, effort, and money if you get stuck in a lengthy job search.  What if you are missing out on career opportunities because you didn’t invest in the skills to succeed?  How will your self-esteem be affected if you don’t get called for interviews? What will happen to your career goals if you can’t move forward?

Before you start a job search – prepare and invest….and then continue to invest in career management so you can be ready to launch a job search at the drop of a hat should the need arise.

Never assume that job search skills and career tools are something you might need.  Have them ready.


It is well-known that job seekers who have a willingness to invest their time, energy, and money into their job search are far more successful.  Seek out resources and professionals that can give you an advantage, set you apart, and help you stand out.


Ready to invest?  Contact me at Career Impressions to get started:

Your Career: Investment Required

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