There has been a lot of discussion in the career industry lately around educating clients on the importance of career management. Industry experts are finding that more and more job seekers desperately require a higher level of understanding in job search preparation and career management, but many still refuse to invest. Why is this? I personally feel that most people feel confident that the skills they already have (regardless of how out-of-date they may truly be) are ‘good enough’. But good enough will not cut it in today’s tough job market. Employers expect job seekers to be more polished in each aspect of the job search process (resume, cover letter, social media, interview, salary negotiations – to name the top few!) and if you haven’t updated your skills in this area for some time you are going to be wasting precious time and money; getting frustrated fast!

I stress to all clients that learning how to sell yourself in a job search is the most important skill you will ever need, no matter what job you have or desire to obtain. In order to be successful in your job search and get out of your career rut we strongly recommend investing in top resources and being open to exploring innovative and current approaches during the job search.

This month I am pleased to announce my new collection of resources, to help you heat up your job search and hone your skills in several key job search topics and areas. My new easy to follow and targeted resource guides include:

Resume Foundations: Learn how to effectively develop and format a current resume.
Cover Letter Foundations: Explore the importance of cover letters during a job search.
Getting LinkedIn (A Step by Step Guide for Job Seekers): Find out how to easily leverage your job search using this top networking site.
A Job Seeker’s Guide to Employment References: Gather tips on how choose and properly compile these crucial items.
Questions to Ask During an Interview : Educate yourself on good questions of your own to ask during an employment interview.
Resume EBuilder: Have our team walk you through developing your own interview-winning resume in this comprehensive audio and visual package.

All of these new guides can be located on the Resources page of Career Impressions website!

This chilly season, take some time to invest in yourself…and in turn invest in your future!

Heat Up Your Job Search!

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