As we gear up for the most magical day of the year I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you – the faithful followers of my blog post, Twitter account and Facebook page. All of you have made my year so very fulfilling! At Career Impressions I have been so lucky to connect with and serve a wide range of clientele – from all over the globe – with the majority of clients being right here in the wonderful city of Calgary!

As my gift to you this holiday season I wanted to remind you of the importance of dealing with a recognized professional during your job search. Too often I get desperate calls from misguided job seeekers who have dealt with scam artists or less-than-professional ‘resume writers’ in the city of Calgary that are providing more harm than help.   Remember to always fully investigate an individual’s credentials and expertise before engaging in services with them. Ask yourself:

Does their website or persona involve high pressure sales tactics?
Do they claim a wide breadth of experience with no supporting credentials in the industry?
Do they purposefully talk down about other organizations?
Are you unable to reach a live person via phone to have someone answer all of your questions in more detail?
Are the prices too good to be true…or does the organization claim an impossibly quick turnaround time?
All of these are red flags. I myself recommend reviewing an organization’s website in detail – if the grammar of their website is poor and/or a rambling sales pitch than how can they be guaranteeing a perfectly polished career document…?

This holiday I want to ensure that no job seeker strays down the wrong path; may 2012 be even more fulfilling for you, and may you have a truly merry Christmas!

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