Blog posts written from here back were compiled during the time that Career Impressions offered services to all levels of job seekers, from a complete team of professionals.  Starting in 2013 the organization shifted to focus on the provision of services to senior-level employees only. 

With each passing month it becomes increasingly obvious that professional resume writers are a highly coveted commodity, especially here in Calgary. Our service demand continues to grow and there are times we struggle to keep up. With wait lists growing many people are impatient and want to know why we can’t just ‘fix up their current resume’ so they can have a great document and be on their merry way. Good question. The answer: we are not a quick fix solution; instead we pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive resume service where dedicated time is spent on each individual’s information. Just like custom craftsman we do not rush our process; we carefully carve out the very best strategic document for each job seeker. No two documents are ever the same and we devote the appropriate amount of time and energy into each of our ‘masterpieces’. When people then ask us why we don’t hire more ‘help’ to speed up the process, I have to remind them that we are specialists, with unique skill sets that have to be studied, practiced, and solidified. It can take a professional resume writer many years to completely perfect the art of resume writing, and we pride ourselves on providing a level of service currently unmatched in the city.

If you are seeking a quick fix or a fast turnaround on your resume, we are not your solution. We are resume experts… confident that we are worth the wait and worth the value if you are willing to invest in it. Ask yourself if a rush is worth the risk.

Collaborative Creation…Not Fast Fix

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