According to the encyclopaedia, an impression is: “the overall effect of something”. A rather broad statement, but that is the very danger with impressions; they can be interpreted so many different ways. Impressions can also be hard to change. We have all heard the expression: “you never get a second chance to make a good first impression”. The very first effect you have on someone can be taken to many extremes and can be very hard to alter.

So how can you be sure your personal impression, in all you do, is a good one? Well, for starters you should pick a brand for yourself and stick to it. Have a clear and consistent message in everything you do, keeping in mind your goals and personal value. Decide what it is that you want people to know about you, and in all of your travels and interactions keep this message (brand) front of mind. It should be fairly obvious early on if your message is being communicated appropriately and if your impression is a good one. If it is not, modify it until you see the results you want to see.

This same approach should be taken with your resume. When you write your resume, ensure it incorporates your main message and clearly communicates your value. Take careful consideration of the impression your resume is making with the reader: is your content targeted, is your format clean and crisp? If you have sent your resume out to several employers without any results it is time to revaluate and revamp the document. Modify your resume until you see the results you want to see; make certain your resume leaves a lasting impression with employers!

What impression are you aiming to make in your job search or career? Have you thought about your personal message and the unique value you possess? If not, start now. The professionals at Career Impressions can help: 


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