As a continuation to last week’s blog post, I wanted to further address (and clarify) the difference between ‘resume writers’ and professional resume writers with supporting credentials. I also have some tips to assist you with your search for the very best in the industry.

To start, if you were to conduct a simple Google search for a resume writer in your city, an array of different people and organizations would pop up. So, how do you know who to trust? You first need to filter out those individuals offering general ‘resume writing’. These writers may advertise excellent backgrounds in HR, recruiting or writing but they have no formal education in resume writing itself. Although their experiences assist them with understanding resume dynamics there remains the question about the standard of their work. If you do feel comfortable engaging with a ‘resume writer’ always ask for samples, speak with them in detail about their resume writing experiences, and find out if they are connected with others in the industry. Are their services personalized or do they use templates? Will they meet with you face-to-face if required? How do they go about attaining your career history and strategizing your document? Finally, what are their costs? Cheaper is not always better. A $50 resume written in 24 hours is NOT the marketing tool you want or need.

I recently called a company advertising ‘resume writing’ here in my city and posed as a job seeker. After sharing that I required a resume for a certain target market the ‘writer’ rambled on for several minutes about how great he was and how bad all the other writers in the city were. Oiy – terrible business acumen! To top it off he didn’t ask me a single other question about myself and just tossed a random price my way. Scary!

Now, after narrowing your search for organizations with professional resume writers you should then make note of their location. Many organizations assist client’s world wide (very common), so your search will surely include many resume writers that are not located within your own city. Although there is nothing wrong with collaborating with a professional resume writer long distance, there is something to be said for personal face time. It all depends on your personal comfort level. Do you work best speaking face to face, or can you effectively communicate your requirements via telephone or email? Lastly, I recommend inquiring if the actual professional resume writer will be handling your file, ensuring that they are not ‘farming it out’ to less experienced writers on their team.

Overall, I recommend job seekers search for these most prominent resume writing credentials:
• CPRW (Certified Professional Resume Writer)
• NCRW (Nationally Certified Resume Writer)
• MRW (Master Resume Writer)
• CERW (Certified Expert Resume Writer)

Each of the above certifications are attained through different associations. The most widely known, longest standing organizations specializing in career professionals include:
• PARW/CC (Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches)
• NRWA (National Resume Writers Association)
Career Management Alliance
Career Directors International

Finally, for the best tip of all! Most associations include an online database where you can search for a credentialed resume writer in your immediate area! So save the Google searches for something else. Go to the source to seek out the very best!

“Resume Writing” vesus Professional Resume Writing

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